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Discussion on: ⏰ How to nail time estimations

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Jon Randy

Of course I'm not saying I never know - I definitely know sometimes, but then that is not an estimation. By estimation I mean attempting to break a largely unknown task down and come up with a time or approximate time it might take. This is what I have found is ultimately futile and a waste of valuable time that could be spent just getting on with it

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Carmen Chung Author

Oh yeah - if you have no clue about the task/it's largely unknown, then estimating is often just plucking a random number out of the air, which is not helpful. We have R&D sessions every fortnight where we sit down and try to actually eliminate most major unknowns on upcoming tickets, to try to put us in a position where we can estimate more accurately. Sometimes it works...sometimes it doesn't (you can't always eliminate every unknown, even when doing prep).