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I'm 52. I've now been coding for 40 years, ever since my electronics hobby led me into computers. I still code every day. Workwise, it's my "happy place". I do firmware, serverless backends, React frontends and a whole load besides. I learn new techniques all the time and have forgotten more than I know now. I lead a team doing IoT R&D and business automation apps. The youngest is 19 and benefits greatly from my experience, but I also love it when my younger colleagues and inspirations are able to teach me something new. I shall always do this - retirement will just be doing the same thing but not for money, because I enjoy it and I'm good at it.


That's the best thing can happen to someone career-wise I think. To be your job, your happy place and not having to go to do something every day that you simply don't like or even despise. I feel the same as you, we are lucky!

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