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re: Hey Corey, I started a while back (in 2010) so back then I sort of had to piece together information and learn from experience. However, one resou...

By god! This is the best write-up ever. This should actually be in your main article, not just in the comments!

We're also doing the same with our engineers. We document everything. Our knowledge base kept growing. We've come to the point where we have so much knowledge stored up that we're now trying to organize the knowledge via publishing books on (We just started there.)

Thanks @jonw , really glad this helped! Yes documenting is so important! You learn so much valuable info every day even from the smallest task that you do, it is so worth writing it down.

Not only do you help yourself stay organized and re-use info, but the act of writing helps you remember what you learned, it helps you understand even more what you think you knew until you wrote it down, it helps you save tons of time because the info is always there to come back to, and it also helps you have organized info for blogging. sounds interesting. I'll have to check it out!

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