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Starting my JamStack headless blog - Part 01

For a long time I wanted to make a blog. As time goes by I decided to make one and learn a couple of things on the way. Here I will present my experience developing this blog, so that you can probably make yours.

The goals

The main idea is to make a blog using modern technologies. By the way, I have made many attempts in the past and found there are easy and difficult things in creating a blog.

The first one is to find something interesting to talk about. There are so many things that is hard to think that inspiration will come to you once in a while.

So to solve this issue, I decided to talk about this blog in this section, so it will be an easy task, as long as I will be building and commenting on what I do.

The second thing is to pick a tech stack. Than means to decide how it is going to be built. I tried in the past with the standard LAMP stack (Linux, Apache, MySql, PHP), using a shared hosting service at Iweb and later with Funio, a spin off of the former. Any way, all hosting services basically include WHM, CPanel or Plesk and the big difference is the confidence you have on them. I have tired for some clients other services like Hostigator, GoDaddy, and many others, but always around the LAMP stack.

Modern technologies use other languages as well, Python is really good with Django. Ruby on Rails is not my first choice, but also a good technology. Java has some options, as well as C#, but I decided for the Javascript and Node based technologies, just because I feel there is a lot going on there and I want to be in that move.

Javascript used to be a toy in the past, but not any more. Is very hard to master javascript, because there are lots of things to learn. If you want to go this path, you have to understand it well and that will take you some time to achieve.

To make thin experience interesting I decided to get out of my comfort zone and embrace the JAMstack: JavaScript, APIs, and Markup Jamstack. That will be challenging.

This is a whole new way of looking at things. The main principle is "think big, act small".

By the time I started this post, I have a week of experimenting things. I could set up a blog up and running. With a different technology it would probably be a matter of hours, instead of days. But I am learning so I have to make a lot of mistakes on the way, and test what works and what does not, so that evaluation will take some time.

This will be a very long series of posts, and I will try to guide you if you want to follow my steps to achieve a similar goal.

I would be pleased if you try, make something and let me know if this information has been useful.


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