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Discussion on: Innovation from within the team?

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Josefine Schfr

I am very torn about this - it seems like it mainly comes back to how you see yourself and your role when working with a client: Are you an advisor or a service provider? And how far does that service go?
I have not worked in a set up with innovation sprints or separate backlogs before, but I am still hoping that if you have good enough reason behind your proposals, are 'able to sell it' so to say, it should be possible to bring in own ideas, right?

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Lucas Paetow Author

Totally true! I also think it's about trust. We as the team are the experts in terms of design / usability / testing / development and our suggestions would be in the best interest of the project. When these suggestions fall into the bottomless pit of the backlog, the team might not feel as an equal part of the conversation (which is coming back to your question => advisor or service provider?)