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Hello World Blog Template

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Are you still on the fence about blogging? Are you OK with sucking at blogging? Don't know where to start or what to write about?

If you answered yes, you came to the right place. Now, lower your expectations and allow me to share a short and sweet Hello World Blog Template.

You should be up and running with your first blog post in no time.

Shut up and show me the template

Sure thing, Eager-McBeaver.

[Intro Goes Here]

## Story

[Story goes here] 

Tell a story, we all love a good story. Usually, it includes a problem. 

Not only inform, but entertain as well!

## Solution

Solution goes here

Your solution to your problem...if you have one. 
If not, this is a good area to post some of your theories.

## Roadblocks

Any roadblocks you may have come across.

## Grow/reflections

[Your growth/reflections go here]

- What did you learn about the topic/problem? 
- What did you learn about you?

## Sauces

List all your resources here. Keep it short to the point. A list is fine.

- Sauce 1
- Sauce 2

## Conclusion


A short summary of what your article is about. 
People usually skim all the way down to this section. 

Call to action. 
This is the area where you ask people
- comment 
- provide feedback
- ask for their own opinions/solutions. 
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That's it!

This is not a definite template. But it's a good place to get you started. You can mix and match.

Obviously, the conclusion area should come to an end.

  • Story grabs the reader's attention.
  • Solution for those who want to know the answer right away (tech post maybe?)
  • Roadblocks what obstacles did you face? Did you give up or moved forward?
  • Grow/Reflection a TIL.
  • Sauces Further reading (aka links). Things you believe the user should look into.
  • Conclusion self explanatory

A short and sweet Hello World Template

It's your turn!

Copy/paste the template and start writing! Don't waste too much time editing, but don't have any obvious spelling mistakes.

Share it with us in the comment below. Don't be shy. We are all professional developers here. :)

Originally posted at:

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