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App Idea

If you could build an app or website or technology of any kind. What would it do?

During my last summer internship, I participated in a Volunteer Time Off activity that was so much fun. It was through an NGO that focuses on representing poor neighborhoods on the google maps. Basically this was a mapping activity for societies that are impoverished and left out of google maps because they are presumed irrelevant. I really enjoyed this activity and understood the power of representation. These societies lacked access to representation on google maps hence their restaurants roads and business couldn't benefit from google reviews, gps systems, uber, lyft and so many other services that require google maps. That activity made me think of the number of poor people who lack access to the most basic needs like food. I would build a website that gave people access to resources especially food. Most homeless people or families go hungry because they cannot afford food yet restaurants, school dining facilities and hotels end up throwing food at the end of the working shifts that is not eaten. I would partner with the community leaders to create a site where restaurants can post un used food that is in great condition at the end of each working day so that families in need of food can have it rather than the food going to waste.

Who would it be for? What would they use it for? How would you use it?

This site would be for connecting people that desperately in need of food with restaurants that are willing to donate uneaten food at the end of shifts that was doomed for waste if not purchased. I would try to convince active collaboration with community food banks since they have databases of people that are facing food crisis. These people would be given exclusive access to the site before opening it up to the rest of the community incase there is extra food that is available.

If money was no concern , time no concern what would you do with your life and the skills you have assembled if you could dedicate to one thing?

If money was no concern, I would focus on ensuring every child has access to great education that is not focused on getting a job and money but rather developing their full potential in whatever they are passionate about.
So many people lack access to the most basic needs like food water shelter and good health. Access to education that focuses on encouraging the curiosity to keep learning but at the same time free from quotidian worries like school fees and grades would lead advancement in fields of medicine research and technology. I would wish for the next generation to live a happy fulfilled life full of love, joy, happiness and greatness.

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