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IST 402: Introduction


Hello, my name is Joseph Tumwebaze. I am a senior studying Information Science and Technology: Integration and Application option. Outside of class, I am involved in WIREDIN an IST club for diversity in tech. I also play piano for a student campus organization called Chi Alpha.
I love people, technology, music, and good food.
Fun fact about me is that I am lefthanded.

Why web development?

Web development is one of those skills that will easily become the new form of literacy in the future. With exponential technical advancement, I think knowledge of web development in the future would be as essential as it is to know how to write today. I chose to take this web development class to compliment my Product Manager skills and career interests. I thought it was a good technical skill to have. I am excited about the projects that we are going to do in this class, and I look forward to learning a lot.

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