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re: Developing Rails apps using an iPad VIEW POST


This is a subject near and dear to my heart: I do Ruby on Rails development (for DEV!) from a 2018 iPad Pro regularly. Here's my "stack":

  • A droplet on Digital Ocean to actually execute code
  • Blink to log into it
  • GoCoEdit for code editing

And that's pretty much it. My tests and local testing all run on Digital Ocean, and my iPad functions as a remote terminal. iPadOS 13.4 and trackpad/mouse support has somewhat changed things: I've been experimenting with GitPod as an online code editor, and it seems promising.

The biggest hole in my toolset right now is frontend dev work: Inspect Web Browser works ok, but I miss having Chrome extensions like ReactDevTools


I like the sound of your set up. Simple. Clean. I've never heard of GoCoEdit... I'll be sure to check it out.

Do you ever attempt to code while being mobile? If yes, How does that work out?


Absolutely, and it works brilliantly! My iPad has a cellular option, and Blink handles latency quite well!


I have found this same setup to provide the least amount of friction in my workflow. Although, task management on iOS is still the most annoying part of it.

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