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Discussion on: What's the deal with downing PHP development?

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Joshua Johnson Author

All of your points seemed to fit within the mold of what everyone else says bad about PHP. But I have not seen the statistics to prove the claims. Most people say it would be dead language as you made the same claim. How is it then, that it powers 88% of the web according to

In benchmark tests I agree it is slow. There are plenty of resources out there to prove that. However, I have been on many projects, where PHP out performed Java applications they had running in the same house. My own personal experience has been that If you build PHP correctly, you can get 15ms response times. Java out of the box gives me 100ms response times running none of my code.

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well it doesnt have to be sudden death. but when golang and alike will become simple enough for entry-level devs to comprehend and amount of tutorials on how to launch your blog in go will grow, php will die away. along with RoR. and Python&Flask. Some mentioned that you can run php on a hosting. Its 2018 and spinning up few containers with stack of your choice was never easier, so this argument doesnt hold anymore.

also, looking at focus and rate of new libraries appearing for php, I predict it would miss next big thing with all these stream processing microservice setups.

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Adrian B.G.

There is not a direct correlation between "powering the net" (which can be said about bash and linux too) and how good PHP is as a language, the quality of the code and the number of jobs or its performance.

One guy that does not know PHP can take care of 100 WordPress and joomla websites with no sweats.

You can read the search for other statistics: most open positions, best payed positions, best cloud language, language popularity in 2018 and so on ..