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All your Imaginations are real, week 3 Taskforce 4.0

All imaginations are real

The week started with an event storming session, where we learned to brainstorm and come up with all possible events that will happen in a particular project.

then from the events, we got during event storming were used to get DB entities and their attributes.

Team culture

We proceeded by learning more about team culture and had an exercise to do as a team


We continued with a session about communication learning what is communication and how to communicate well so as to be productive, The biggest lesson for me in this session is listening is actually harder than it seems if you listen well and ask questions, you are halfway there the rest is empathy and there you have it. you are good at communication.


We continued with creating an entity relation diagrams from the entities gathered in event storming and make sure we make a DB query that's work.

Code review

The week continued with learning why doing code review and how to properly do it.

The End

we wrapped up the week with a weekly demo where we presented everything we've been working on the whole week in teams.

My biggest takeaway this week would be communication is key in every professional environment to work. and in communication listening might be the hardest skill and some people just don't give it much value.

"When you talk, you are only repeating what you already know. But if you listen, you may learn something new" By Dalai Lama

it was insightful week in general and can't wait for the next week

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