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Joyce Wei
Joyce Wei

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Hello, Open Source.

About Me

Hi there, I am Joyce, a CPA (Computer Programming and Analysis) student at Seneca College. I am currently living in Toronto Canada.

Why OSD600?

OSD600 is a Open Source Development course. This course provides the opportunity for me as a student developer to get better understanding on how to use GitHub to managing and contributing to various open source projects. After the end of this course I will be gaining real world experience on collaborating with other developers and contributing to open source projects on GitHub.

Explore Repos

I am interested in accessibility related field and the query language Graphql. apollo-client is a package that helps you to build the client side of a web app with backend API server using GraphQL. I am learning GraphQL on my own time and I found that both Apollo server and Apollo client are really helpful and easy-to-use when building a GraphQL backend.

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