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Discussion on: A tech interview that doesn't suck

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I think this approach is fine for junior level developers. Normally tasks envolve coding a certain feature that already have been design by someone more senior.

Mid level developers have to have a bigger set of competences. Is not only about the how, but also about the whys. For example, they need to be aware of design patterns and when one should be used. Implement some features in some time is a different skillset than thinking about a solution. In my opinion this is why 3h exercice plus a 1h live code is not enough.
Mid level developers should know why things work in certain ways.

Senior level developers is not much about the code ( after 5 or 10 years of programming of course they know how to program ). Is about how code should be, how it can be improved, how can it be scalable, there's so much more to it than code itself.

Here I think it come to play what does the company want:
Someone to implement features
Or someone to think about how a feature should be implemented

I think it is easier to teach someone how to do a todo app than teaching CS fundamentals.
Just my 2 cents here

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Jacob Paris Author

Hiring seniors is definitely a different ballgame, but if I'm at the point of needing a senior I'm usually reaching out specifically to a person whom I want to do the job, and I already know their competency, so it's a bit different.

Of course, that doesn't apply to all hiring or all companies, but it's outside of my range of experience and I can't speak much on that.