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Discussion on: What made you quit your job?

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Jeppe Reinhold

Well, we started the agency while still at college, because we sensed we had the skills, we just didn't know what to build with them. We got lucky, and quickly got the right network to get the good clients.
But it was always in the cards that it was an interim state untill we figured out what to build. So after stalling for a year (it's really hard to leave a well paying, secure gig), we decided to not take any more projects in, and focus on finding our own project instead.

We decided to look into MedTech, FoodTech and WasteTech, as those were areas we knew our skillset could have a positive impact on the world. We quickly landed on WasteTech, and spent 2 month calling anyone that wanted to talk to us about anything waste within the industry.
Finally we teamed up with an insider that had the same vision as we did.

We want to build software that makes it easier sort waste better, produce less waste, and increase recycling and reusing. But we quickly realised that the waste sector (at least in Denmark, and most of Europe) is stuck with the 90's technologies (and many still uses pen and paper for their daily tasks).
So there are no data available, no APIs, no tools to augment, everything is done blindfolded. So we are focusing on digitalizing the waste industry first, and then hopefully use that as a stepping stone to actually have an impact on the climate crisis later on. :)

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Kyle Stephens

That sounds like a great mission. I know in Ireland people are still massively confused about what is and what isn't recyclable and one stray addition to a recycling waste bin can contaminate that whole lot.

Regarding the FoodTech space - there's an Irish social-enterprise operating in that space. May be worth syncing up to see if there are any parallels between the two sectors:

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Jeppe Reinhold

Oh that looks cool, thanks!