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Discussion on: I changed career to software development without a CS degree, Ask Me Anything!

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Justin J Ask Me Anything

Congrats on the degree. A CS degree definitely improves your chances of gaining employment. I also think it helps when getting down to the bits and bytes (stuff you can miss when just learning stuff like .NET, JavaScript, Java or PHP).

One of the reasons I started this thread is that one recruiter told me nobody would employ me without a CS degree.

I felt really dejected and like my dream would be years away. They were wrong.

I want to make sure other people aren't put off by bad/lazy recruiters (there are good recruiters out there - those that understand finding the right person for the right company!).

It is true that some companies won't employ someone without a CS degree, but there are plenty of companies out there who are willing to take on someone who is self taught and enthusiastic.