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Discussion on: Contributing vs Dumping

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James • Edited

I agree.

I don't like to be negative about the content that gets posted here, as there's enough negativity on other platforms, but:

  • I'm here to follow people, not companies.
  • I don't (generally) get a lot of benefit out of listicles. Life's too short to read 80 books on one subject and I don't need 30 tools to pick from, I need maybe three.

If all of your comments are advertising a platform that you're clearly affiliated and you bomb the site with a bunch of articles in one day, I think it's pretty apparent that your main motive is spreading your company name and you aren't using the platform in good faith.

I think people should absolutely be able to promote themselves and their products here, but if it's your main reason for being here, it shows, and like you, @goyo , I'd prefer that it doesn't become the norm.