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Discussion on: How to handle outbound links in desktop PWA?

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I don't know about "correct", but as a user I would personally prefer external links to open in the browser rather than within the PWA.

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JedDevs • Edited

Agreed, but some sort of pop up to make sure you want to leave the app would be 👍

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Pedro Otero Prada

Yup, in fact the first thing I try to change in native mobile apps, if possible, is the behavior that opens links in "in-app" browsers.

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Yaser Al-Najjar

+1 for this

If I'm opening a specific app (like Slack), I want that app... no more.

If I want the browser, I will open it and browse other websites.

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Islam Sayed

I agree with that. I even when it opens in app I choose open in chrome option.

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Lars Richter

I agree. I like it better, when external links open in a browser.