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How much does the endorsement count matter? Uncertain. I think it has to be 99+ to be of value anything less doesn't matter.

I hope that's not true. I doubt I know 100 people, let alone 100 people who I am connected to on LinkedIn who know enough about my individual skills that their endorsement is worth anything.


When you endorse someone you are presented with the following additional information you can provide anonymously to LinkedIn. So you get an idea what LinkedIn thinks about the validity of endorsements (which is they are not taken that seriously).

Looking at Charles Max Wood LinkedIn is a good example of where 99+ makes sense. He is a long time Ruby/Rails developer and currently runs multiple developer podcasts which you can find here on DEV.to

See he is endorsed by Adam, (hes a personal friend in my network) and Chad Fowler (a famous developer). Seeing those people endorse him does validate that I should check out his content. It is also my guess that LinkedIn is being intelligent to show me which endorsements that will have the largest impact to influence my opinion. So if I had 500+ endorsements in a single skill I think they will cherry pick the most high profile or relevant endorsement.

  • A real endorsement that holds value is a LinkedIn Testimonial.
  • A Skill's Endorsements is the equivalent to a thumbs up.

So when I say I think it has to be 99+, I am thinking for a specific use case for content creators, and influncers. I don't have any information currently if 1 or 50 endorsements have a larger impact on job matching.

So should you try to get 99+ on a skill? Probably not.


That's a really thorough response, thank you!

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