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Experienced same thing as you. I applied intern in a company which building online casino. The department assigned to me called 'backoffice' what control and handle all data. All senior had pulled out from the team to a new project and left only 2 juniors, 1 intern and me. Everyday we worked till mid night, struggle in a 10 year old code base and unknown business logic. 4 juniors discuss about work everywhere, everytime. After 6 months internship, and go back to uni.

After 1 year, I get back into the company. This time all seniors returned into the team and work becomes easier, juniors last time also promoted to seniors. But I actually still miss the internship time even it is tough, the time is actually the time I learned a lot and confirm to go through this career path.


With the support from positive colleagues and I actually enjoy this kind of challenges.

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