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Discussion on: Reacting to Dropbox: another take on cross-platform C++ development

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Juan Carlos

Interesting, I understand most of the stuff mentioned,
but also I read that Go is really bad at interoperating with C-like languages itself.

Ive tried those languages 1-by-1, but stuff was lacking,
Rust lacking templates and Async (recently added?),
Go lacks a ton of stuff that hurts DRY (bad C interop too),
C# I never seen being a Linux user (Net Core can run on Linux but still),
then Nim lang ticks all the checkboxes and most skeptic analysis,
since it can seamlessly interoperate and compile to C/C++/ObjC/JS/NodeJS,
can even do Python, LLVM IR, WASM, etc.

The best for me is it skips me the part of fighting node_modules,
something that at that time I can not skip using other languages.
Good post. I wish the best for C/C++ community too.