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Add your site to the Eleventy Leaderboards

Screenshot of the Eleventy Leaderboards top 5

The Eleventy (11ty) leaderboard benchmarks websites built with Eleventy over time.

TL;DR - You need to add your site to the via GitHub to the eleventy site repository and create a pull request for it to be included in the leaderboards.

Let's get started

  1. Go to the eleventy GitHub repository -

  2. Navigate to /_data/sites - here you will find JSON files - each one represents a website built with Eleventy and ones shown on the leaderboard

  3. Now you need to create your own JSON file for your website, so click on the Add file button and then on the dropdown click on Create new file
    Shows user selecting create new file menu item in GitHub

  4. Enter your a file name in the Name your file... input. This is a filename, so don't use spaces or punctuation marks, but you can use hyphens (-) or underscores (_) to separate words

  5. Use the template below with your website's details as the content of your new file:

    "url": " ",
    "name": " ",
    "description": "",
    "twitter": "",
    "authoredBy": [""],
    "source_url": ""
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  • url : The site’s live URL
  • name : Name of the site
  • description : A short text description of the site
  • twitter : Twitter username for the site or the site’s author.
  • authoredBy : An array of Twitter usernames of the site’s authors. Supplements the twitter entry. (Optional)
  • source_url : URL to the source code (Optional)

Shows new JSON file being created in GitHub

Now that you're done creating the new file, you need to save it and also create a pull request - this will ask for your file to be added to the eleventy repository.

  1. You don't need to add anything to the optional description field

  2. Click on the Propose new file button

  3. On the next screen, you can check your changes and then click on the Create pull request button to proceed.

  4. You don't need to add a comment, but you can thank Zach for creating Eleventy. Then click on the Create pull request button again

  5. Next, GitHub will do a bunch of checks on your changes and it will tell you if there are any conflicts. Hopefully, there aren't, but you followed this exactly you shouldn't have any conflicts.

Shows a sucessfull pull request screen in GitHub
This is the result of me submitting an actual change, so I'd have a screenshot of what the final stage looks like.

That's it - you can now close the page and wait. Once your pull request gets merged, your website will be included in the next round of leaderboard checks and added to the leaderboard.

Keep an eye out on the Eleventy Leaderboards to see how your website scores.

Check out my author page.

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