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For a first time post, you really nailed it. If you find you struggle with the motivation try the Seinfeld rule. Also keep us posted on your progress, it will be great to see how you crush that challenge :)


Hey, thank you so much for your comment! This was my first time ever writing something that wasn't for an english assignment 😅 so it means a lot to me!

The Seinfeld rule looks interesting, I think I'll try it out for this challenge. Curious, has it worked for you?

And haha, will do! I got a high from making this blog post so I am definitely going to be writing some more later on. Keep an eye out 👀


It has worked for me at least in making me aware of when the un-motivation started to creep in, plus doing things consistently is always a good thing. I'll definitely check in once in a while to see how's it going hehe.

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