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Chinweike Jude Obiejesi
Chinweike Jude Obiejesi

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My Journey in Tech

Started this very Tech Journey properly as of late 2015 as a developer using Wordpress, funny enough it seemed so interesting and i felt i have arrived at the top of the World. But not so, because as time goes by i saw people doing a lot of things in tech either as developers, tech consultants, tech blogger/writers, graphics and many more stuff. But i tried as much to reach out to people using what i already know (by this time i'm already good with my Html/Css cum Bootstrap and javasript. I created a blog to bring tech education closer to my locality and i did.

I noticed that what i had wasn't enough, so i tried to learn more to develop myself and educate people. Today i'm a junior front-end developer that cools off with the little cash i make. Recently advancing in ReactJS

I am still growing. What's yours

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