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jules manson

This is my reply to JSn1nj4. Maybe you can answer it for me:

I am primarily a Windows user but I do occasionally go on mac or whatever they are called these days. I never understood why some people gravitate toward linux systems. From my point of view I like windows because it is familiar, it is now very stable. 10 never crashed on me since day one. I am primarily a user of productive apps (engineering 3d software, office, web developing, etc. and yes sometimes porn too lol) so access to my most important applications is critical, and it is now free. So what draws people to a less familiar system that may or may not be as stable as windows, isn't mainstream, has far fewer apps and substitutes that are usually subpar, and probably has poor support? Is it that because you want to different? Or perhaps you like dabble with creating apps on it because youre a programmer? I just dont get it.