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I am just a hobbyist so I Vanilla the dogshit out of everything -- PHP, MySQL, JavaScript (OO and functional), CSS, HTML, Fortran, Visual Basic, etc. I use no libraries or frameworks not even templates. But I do use some time saving tools like AutoPrefixer and Normalize and I always do the basic stuff like minimize, lint, gzip, etc. The way I see it all those libraries are primarily for professionals who need to be efficient and at cutting edge technology. Besides over-bloated libraries and frameworks take the fun out of challenging yourself to find a solution. Often a small well coded solution is all you need not a overweight cholesterol filled library that does everything including ordering Starbucks online. Think jQuery when all you really need is light DOM manipulation and AJAX in an age where CSS3 and JavaScript has matured to a very efficient coding language whose most important features are now supported by all mainstream browsers. Of course my apps are always based on best practices and I always compare what I create with similar open source tools or standard practices.

For developer apps I am also minimalist. When I create client-side mini-apps or tools or UI's I do a test run on CodePen (for example) and larger apps on GitHub or on my own personal PC with Brackets, my editor and mini IDE of preference. If I am doing server-side programming I use DreamWeaver and WAMP. For client-side debugging I find the browser consoles to be more than I need. I don't do Node or Webpack.

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