re: What are your programming goals for 2019? VIEW POST

  • Learn HTML, CSS & Javascript (By doing the #Freecodecamp challenge to create new projects).
  • Learn Python (By doing a #Codewars challenge on a regular basis to improve my programming logic skills).
  • Create a Portfolio (Probably I will do it using Codepen as it seems to be a good training tool for beginners).
  • Contribute to Open Source projects (I love helping people but this year I have been focused on other things. Next year I will try a challenge like #100DaysofOpenSource).
  • Improve my knowledge about Computer Science to have a better understanding of how computers work.

I have started doing some of these things already, but I feel determined to deepen my knowledge on at least half of them.


Nice! May I ask what does contributing to Open Source projects mean? I'm a beginner so I have no idea. Thanks!

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