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Discussion on: I failed an interview because of an algorithm

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Julien DeFrance

More than candidates and job applicants, companies and interviewers should generally be the ones learning from your experience, and such articles.

After 10+ soon 15 years of experience, I am interested in people who value who I am as a person, what experiences I bring with me, to the table and in my ability to tackle real/concrete problems.

Any discussion that'd purely focus on solving an theoritical algorithms, gravitate around big-O notation... etc. would be showing me big signs of an interview funnel built for the masses, that isn't worth it, and that therefore I shouldn't even be investing any of my time in and towards.

Value your time. Value your energy.

Make it clear with the hiring manager, very early on, how you'd like to be interviewed, what you know is relevant and what you need/want to be assessed on. Companies are as much in need of talent as you are of your job, and you shouldn't be afraid to express your preferences and have certain parts of the interview to be conducted on your own terms.

Over time, with enough of such feedback, hiring practices and processes will adjust.

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