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How to build COVID 19 Realtime Tracker with JSON API

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Hi dev peeps, Do you want to build your own Coronavirus live tracker India Web App? If so, I have an open-sourced corona India realtime tracker script built originally by me which is easy to set up for a beginner as it is built-in pure Php, Javascript& has no database.  The reason to open source an original script is: as a developer I want to help and people to fell in love with codes so that they can later build cool things.
Corona Virus India Realtime tracker

Key Features:

  • Easy for a beginner to set up & understand codes as it is built mainly in Php, Javascript, XML & JSON.
  • Professional Corona Tracker Script.
  • Built Covid19india API so you don't have to update day to day data.
  • Gives Overall Indian States & District Live Covid-19 Updates.
  • Graph & Representation.
  • Dark Mode and Light mode setting to enhance site appearance.
  • Customized Google Translation available in Hindi, English & Bengali.

Languages Used

  • Php
  • Javascipt
  • Html,Css

Note: I have used Covid-19India.org open-sourced JSON API to build this web


Disclaimer: I used repl.it only for the purpose of displaying codes & some features might not work on its server. So, place the codes on your host to make every feature work rightly


Please take special care while copying or writing the codes as it may make the script to not run properly. Also, share these codes with your friends so that they can also know how to build it. Thank you!
For Full featured Codes & lesson on this script go to The Codezine

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