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Juri Strumpflohner

Hey, I know it's behind a paywall but I'm still gonna mention it. I published a git course a while back on Egghead ( The goal of the course was not to be just another "I'm a git magician" type of course, but rather to show a few IMHO simple git commands that can dramatically improve your dev experience. In fact the course describes pretty much what I'm using on a daily basis and what proved to work (at least in my case).

It's a mixture of

  • creating feature branches
  • committing A LOT on those branches (using --fixup commits to later autosquash)
  • rebasing the branch with the latest master multiple times a day (depending on how much is going on on master meanwhile)
  • preparing my feature branch for PR via interactive rebase + autosquash
  • fast-forwarding it to master once reviewed and ready (to have a linear git history)

Also, using conventional git commit messages for better readability, like

feat(core): ....

build: upgrade version of...

fix(auth): ..