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Always though electron is better at memory management then browsers, because it should optimise it for specific app... Oh well. Guess will try going back to browsers. Probably will try moving everything to Safari for best performance. 😊 As well didn't knew oh-my-bash exists. Wonder if powerlevel10k supports it (should be faster then zsh).


Electron is basically chrome :D So yeah it eats a lot of RAM :D

oh-my-bash has powerline. It's not 100% the same but almost.


But you're using VS Code, that runs in electron.

Yeah I'm waiting for the browser version :D

I mean I try to run everything I can not in Electron.
If I can run it in the browser I run in in the browser
If not then I run electron app version.

Perhaps this is what you're looking for: theia-ide.org/

Also, microsoft codespaces, or GitHub codespaces (2 products that do the same thing almost)

Yeah I need to check them both but I'm skeptic that you can replicate the dev expierience 1 to 1 :D

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