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Discussion on: I feel like the quality of posts in Dev is deteriorating

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Aashir Aamir Khan

Glad you wrote this, I joined the community in Sep 2019 and it was really great back then.
I wanted to overcome my fear of blogging because of my weak English, so I wrote and people gave me amazing feedback and I got almost 16,000+ followers (they're bots for sure, or inactive users) on DEV and more than 150,000+ views.

I wrote posts about topics, that I love to talk about. They're more like communication, not link dumps. But I don't get enough traction and motivation, then I tried link dumps (Best Javascript Resources, Web Development Projects, Top 3 Tricks e.t.c)

They're the most popular with each having more than 200+ likes. One is the most popular with 40,000+ views and 1000+ likes.

But I don't write them anymore, they're the easiest way to get on top of DEV but I just don't like them myself. I wrote these to try the algorithm, it works.

I've not written as many posts lately, and not planning to write any. But I read DEV posts, and they're mostly trash now. The only thing good remaining is "Search.. Bar"

Go search for "side project", there are so many gems there from 2018-2019. So it's better archived.

You can also check my feed, and see how I went through good postings, to no postings.

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Mydrax Author

I'm sorry to hear that. You are right about the fact that list/resource-based articles have higher traction than posts that explore topics in more depth. I feel that particular type of content attracts a type of audience and that the platform is slowly tending to get heavier towards that audience. That means authors like you will feel frustrated when you don't get the feedback you expected. I'm currently writing a new post to address all of this, and I will make sure your voice is heard!