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Discussion on: Make awesome WebComponents with Svelte

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Gage • Edited

Sorry, but I think I'm still struggling with what exactly this is for, what problem does this solve?

Edit: so wait, I think I get it now. You build the component in Svelte and then you can _publish_it to all the other JS frameworks, is that right?

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Patryk Rzucidło Author • Edited

Is a boilerplate = pre configured project if you don't want start from empty repository. Is a awesome templates for start project. See Github template

  • Awesome readme design with emoji and all instruction
  • Best pratices for create webcomponents with svelte
  • Typescript ans tspath configured in rollup
  • Scss configured
  • Prettier and eslint work correctly with svelte and typescript
  • generator for badges and contributors of markdown
  • test and types configured
  • web component work with all the other JS frameworks out of the box

Svelte don't provide this configuratiom as default (out of the box). You need spend weeks for get this configuration. Is a Github templates, you can use it for your new project for create new web component provide all Best pratices and fix all bug of svelte+typescript and similar.