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Thank you Anna! I appreciate your thoughts and I know the struggle. I wonder if it is something unique to this generation compared to a couple of decades ago when people worked at a single company for their entire lives.

But I do want to express one additional point to consider leaving and not staying too long. I found people who stayed too long in one company tend to have a narrow set of experiences especially in the area of processes and people development.

Being able to see the same coworkers you really like for years in and out is great for the social life but you never really get to see a different perspective. I think going to conferences or meet up groups is great for learning these different perspectives but it's never the same as being in the trenches of the differences.

Also the benefits of meeting new people and making new connections is very valuable. Some of the greatest ideas are a product of intersecting differences.


Those are some good points, too! I worry about that sometimes - and I agree that attending meetups/conferences/etc. is a good way to scope out the different perspectives that are out there and meet new folks. Good food for thought - thanks :)

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