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Does this sound familiar?

I’m using this example in the book I’m writing, and want to see if this sounds familiar to you.

Ananya: “Marcus, which class should contain the method to check if we have new orders? I need to add it for the feature I’m working on today.”

Marcus: The OrderUpdate class would be good.

Ananya: Okay, I’ll do that.

Marcus: Ananya, what’s the status of that feature?

Ananya: It was quite difficult to make it work in the OrderUpdate class. I had to rewrite big parts of the class, and other classes too. I should be done next week.

Marcus: Oh, that’s too bad. Was there class it would have fit better?

Ananya: I think the OrderStatus class would have been better, but I’m almost done with this approach. It’s fine – no worries.

Marcus: Oh, why didn’t you suggest the OrderStatus class?

Ananya: You said you wanted it in OrderUpdate. I assumed you had a reason.


What do you see happening here?

What’s your reaction to it?

How could it be prevented?

Let me know and I’ll share the responses to the list, so we’ll all learn together.



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