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OSD600 - Week3 Lab2


This Lab2 was a small, but not very challenging but rewarding practice to update the SSG of the existing Release0.1, which converted .txt files to .html, and to add the ability to convert the .md extension of the markdown file to .html as well.

Meet new collaborator

In the case of this lab, it was a unique project to update the code of a collaborating student instead of updating your own code, so this lab also requested a partner to collaborate with. Couldn't work with Alex. Because both me and her wanted to collaborate with other students. So I asked Slack to collaborate with another student, and fortunately I was able to meet Jia Hua as a new collaborator. He speaks the same language, JavaScript, is very playful and very quickly puts a pull request on my code.


After I decided to collaborate with Jia Hua, I immediately cloned his repo and left an issue to let other students know that I became a collaborator of that collaborator. As a result of analyzing his code, I was lucky that many parts were similar to mine, so if the input file for this lab is a markdown file, the function to convert the tag elements used in markdown into tags for html is easy. could add. So, he added a function and conditional statement to replace

### in his markdown file with <h#>...</h#> and ` with <xmp>...</xmp>

. changed part. We also chatted about code and pull requests through Slack. Alt TextWhile writing the code, Jia Hua first completed updating the ssg of my repo and made a pull request. After confirming that the code was okay, I immediately completed the merge. Then I also completed a pull request after updating his code.


Alt TextI ran into a problem while collaborating with Jia Hua. That is, when the pull request was made, his repo was rejected because he did not have permission. This part made me quite puzzled and immediately started looking for the problem. The problem was solved when he added me as a collaborator, but the absurdly real solution is that I accidentally skipped the fork part. This part taught me that everything should always be done carefully and step by step, and I will not skip the fork part in the future.

As a result...

In conclusion, Lab2 was the second collaboration for me, and it was a very valuable time to let me know that collaboration through pull request is easy without forgetting fork. We thank the professor for providing such an excellent lab and look forward to future releases and labs.

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