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I really like Sublime text. I bought it two years ago. Like you said it's fast.

There is just so many small QoL improvements on VSCode that I switched.

The integrated terminal, the sidebar like you said, Font ligatures (even though the newest version of Sublime has it)

None of these things are really mandatory, but I enjoy them enough for me to make the switch.

I am excited for the next version of Sublime to come out, I bet it's going to be really great. They will improve on all the great stuff from VSCode and Atom, and still make it fast.


I got the developer build of Sublime with font ligatures enabled and it’s really nice. I doubt Sublime will get an integrated terminal, but I already prefer using iTerm as a terminal emulator so that doesn’t bother me. I just want a built in debugger!

If you want a good terminal emulator the above is very nice, support for multiple shells, works with WSL... etc.

I use PHPStorm, Sublime and every now and then VS Code, often simultaneously.

Sublime is great for general hacking, scratch pad, logs and certainly more. It’s package ecosystem can put you on par if not decidedly beyond VS Code however the rise of VS Code has made it difficult to keep up with, that and you need to know Python to extend Sublime where as the plugin API for Code is more familiar to those with reasonable JS experience.

Sublime seemed to stagnate with a long time between releases/innovation at one point. Sleeping on the giants so to speak.

Sublime’s speed is unparalleled, that much is inarguable. It’s low footprint makes it hard to ditch entirely.

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