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Discussion on: The best way to learn React is.. to learn Angular?!

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Justin Henry

This summed my experience with it as well. Coming from Angular and moving to React, you can appreciate the training wheels you get with Angular while bringing what you've learned to React. What causes me to stick with React is perhaps the level of flexibility and state-awareness. Angular requires you to pipe async traffic through god-knows how many observables and chains, while in React, all components receive the state snapshots. If you hide rxjs behind a layer of abstraction, I'm sure you can eventually achieve a similar experience with Angular, but the default change detection will probably destroy your app in the meantime.

The issue with Angular vs React is that it's not a "this one is better for x size app" problem, it's a "React is a toolbelt and Angular is a prebuilt template with strict rules" problem. You can use React the same way you do Angular, or you can use React for different things. A software engineer should be aware of the differences and should not expect the same things from each technology.

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Shaiju T

Yes agree. Thanks. :)

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Michael Di Prisco Author

I completely agree with that. In my conclusion, in fact, I say exactly that. Having both in my tool belt allows me to essentially get the best of both words.