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Discussion on: When YOU make Static Site (with SSG), what additional APIs do YOU eventually have to use and how? (third-party or self-made)

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Jordan Kicklighter

I think the exact scenario is important here. What type of backend API are you hosting? What about the API is important to hide and secure?

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Pacharapol Withayasakpunt Author • Edited

What I already have are

  • Remark42 comment on Google Compute Engine, where I have free credits. (If I host on DO now, I will have to pay monthly).
    • This is the only practical API I have currently that does not comply with 12-factor. I cannot host a database server outside.
  • Several of stateless API on Heroku, or Google Cloud Run (i.e. Docker runner). Many of them are connected to MongoDB Atlas.
    • For these, I think it is a matter of ensuring privacy and availability. Also, contain the cost for GCR.
  • Static web pages on Netlify and Vercel, where there may be SQLite and JSON files being reading via serverless.
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