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Participate in the 2020 Virtual ML.NET Hackathon

If you wanted to learn machine learning then join in on the Virtual ML.NET Hackathon! Here you can create or join a project to have fun, learn ML.NET and machine learning, and help contribute to open source.

For anyone not familiar with ML.NET there will be a workshop presented on November 13th to go over the basics of ML.NET.


The workshop will be on November 13th and will start at 10AM Pacific or 1PM Eastern.

The week to officialy start hacking on your ML.NET code is from November 13th to November 20th.

Submissions of your projects or contributions will be on November 18th. And the winners of the hackathon will be announced on the 20th.

Sign ups have already started and feel free to reference the official schedule.

How to Sign Up

To sign up for the workshop and/or the hackathon, fill out this form. The first 50 to sign up will get a free tshirt!

Creating or Joining a Project

To create a project simply create an issue in the GitHub repository. When signing up feel free to describe the project or contribution you want to submit. You have the option to specify if you want others to join your project as part of a team as well to specify if you would like a mentor to help you with your project.

If you see a project that's already listed as an issue and it specifies they would like others to join their team, simply comment on the issue indicating you would like to join.

Note that, for your project, if you are using a dataset, to make sure that it doesn't have any personal information in it.


Final submissions are due November 18th. To submit, create a pull request in the repo in the Submissions folder. Submissions must include a README file indicating what was done for a solution to the project or what was contributed, any source code used for the project, and a 1 to 3 minute video showing or talking about your project or contribution.

Submissions do not have to be fully complete or to run to be counted.

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