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Angular Select Binding

Dropdown for all U.S. States

  // Allows for seeing the selected item
  // And which address has changed
  (change)="onAddrChanged(selector, addr)">
   // All U.S. states
   *ngFor="let state of states"
   // Select only the state in addr.state
   [selected]="addr.state ==="
   // Show the user each 
   {{ }}

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What's not shown here is how the addr property was bound.


  • Create a dropdown for selecting any State in the U.S.
  • The dropdown is not allowed multi-select
  • The current State (Name) of the Address must be Selected (if there is one).
  • Any change must notify the Typescript method onAddrChanged with the Selector element and the address.
  • The backend persists all changes at proper time.

The State model is:

export class State {
   id: number;
   // user only sees this field
   name: string;
   code: string;
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The States array is:

states: Array<State>
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The Address Model

export class Address {
   id: number;
   street: string;
   street2: string;
   cityID: number;
   city: string;
   stateID: number;
   state: string;
   stateCode: string;
   zip: number;
   zip4: number;
   cities: any;

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When updating the backend on changes for city or state, the Put request only contains the cityID and stateID.

As close to the metal as we can get! We do not need any 3rd party Select component.

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