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Architectural Concepts: Spotting Duplicated Componentry

Having never heard of the word Componentry in IT, it could become a fad. After all, there is the word 'Carpentry' which we are all know. We are carpenters of components "Componenters".
Alt Text

When we have a tool which shows us the design of components (such as shown above); refactoring opportunities become easily spotted.

Alt Text

Any time we see the same thing repeated as shown above, we know it could be a violation of Single Responsibility Patterns.

Ask the Developers these Questions

  • Why do we have a repeated architectural pattern?
  • Can we combine the two?
  • Is the code bullet proof?
  • Does it ever return null or undefined values?
  • Is it able to be reused anywhere when the given pattern is required elsewhere.

If the answers to these questions are all "Yes" then we are doing our jobs as Architects.

If any of the answers are "No" we are possibly contributing to Technical Debt; which, is deadly down the road.

JWP2020 Architectural Patterns

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