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Job Expectations for Senior Software Engineers in 2021

In January, I conducted approximately 90 interviews for the position of Senior Software Engineer. The market for interviews is red hot right now.


  • The skills required are highly dependent on the company interviewing you. Study before the interview knowing what tech stacks are used.
  • The pay ranges are $55 - $70 USD/hour.
  • Tests are required in 85% of interviews.
  • Working Remotely is favored today. Some are planning returns to the office.
  • You must have Azure or AWS cloud experience.
  • React is popular for sure, but Angular is still in major demand.
  • Backends using ASP.NET Core or .NET 5.0 are plentiful.

Some reasons for rejections were communicated, here's a few

  • No graphQL
  • No Azure pipelines
  • No AWS cloud
  • No CosmosDB
  • Failed Tests

Today's Senior Software Engineer (SSE) is expected to know everything within the Software Work Flow, not just the coding parts.

Unlike the past where Database, Security, and Systems Teams all were their own department. Today, with the cloud, the SSE is expected to know those areas too. This is on top of knowing both front and back-ends extremely well.

Study, Study, Study.


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