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Did you know there are cli configs, user configs, built in configs, default values, global configs, node bin location, node version value, current working directory, HOME path, editor configuration, force configs, funding configs, global ignore files, initial author configs, and many more things to help you with NPM?

npm config ls -l

Shows all the information we need!

For example when we set a new config value and want to know where it was saved, this command shows us the locations.

Or Npm install behavior can't be explained. Could it be one of the three configs?

Node configs have a root default set of values, anytime we use npm set keyName=value the default value is overridden which is shown in the default values section.

What folder is the userconfig found? On Windows its C:Users/username/.npmrc. Do you know where the global npm config is located?

Just use npm config ls -l to find out.

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