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Still love Typescript

My frustrations with using JavaScript libraries that have no definition files is that intellisense is useless.

C'mon dudes it's hard enough to learn 10 zillion new things every year, can't we get some API help in the process?

It's a colossal waste of my time to have to 'go to definition' to discover apis, functions, classes etc. Who wants to read code and dive into internals when a simple prompt shows the way? Coupled with good doc comments, the English is there too. Intellisense is king.

I do like JavaScript however, mostly for the dynamic ability to append properties and functions at runtime! If used carefully this can be a tremendous value when swapping parts. We had a new part a few years back that required a few new properties and functions, not too dissimilar to what we already had. So to leave the majority of the code untouched we just added things as needed.

Everything worked perfectly and went into production three years ago. The code is still running in thousands of Best Buy stores daily, over there in the Geek Squad. That project was a JavaScript only project, it was very hard to work with.


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