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UI Trends: Center Column Squeezing

We've just opened our desktop browser to full screen and clicked on a link to one of the sites below. Our browser zoom is 100%.

  • Dev.To,
  • FaceBook
  • LinkedIn,
  • Git Api Docs

The important column; which is either column (two or three) in a four column layout is squeezed as shown below.

High Resolution and Wide Monitors show this:

Alt Text

Here's a random 'current' API doc on Git. In this one, the left hand menu item is not resizable.

Alt Text


Alt Text

Probably the most wasted space of all.

Alt Text

Good Examples

  • StackOverFlow

Passable but just barely.

Alt Text

  • Google Developer Docs

At first, it looks like too much space, but a browser resize will collapse both asides and just show important stuff, like this. Great example of responsive focusing on 'important stuff'.

Alt Text

  • Amazon At it for over 15 years now.

Alt Text

  • Azure

Microsoft wakes up, in their new designs.

Alt Text

  • .NET Core
    Alt Text

  • Gmail

KISS (Keep it stupid simple)
Alt Text

  • MDN KISS Alt Text

Note: I don't claim to be an expert stylist; however, as a programmer; I read tons of material daily. I am a smart user of programming information. If I have to fuss with it too much to read it better, I'm apt to quit using that site altogether.

Sites I've quit over the years:

  • Any Medium site
  • Most sites that are not updated often.
  • Secondary sites that do not have the Subject Matter Expertise I require.
  • Any API or Training site which hides a table of content. This forces continual searches.
  • Any site who has a built-in search that doesn't work well.

Smart Users know their stuff, as developers we owe a good experience to them.

Take Away

  • The mobile first philosophy is good, but don't forget wide screen and high res desktop monitors
  • Responsive sites, should always favor the stuff our users are there to read.
  • Collapse asides when resizing width and focus only on the center column.
  • Get rid of outdated layout styles and favor fully responsive sites that adapt to any width and resolution.
  • Continuously improve.

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