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Software That's Healthy

When we see quarterly release notes with many fixes, we know a product is Healthy. There could be some concern on introducing new bugs.... but that's the responsibility of the release process.

This is just the section listing fixes, for the most recent Visual Studio Code update for today May/8/2020.4

Notable fixes
46886: Can't resize Breakpoints section in Debug sidebar
85344: Firefox crashes when I click on a link in VSCode.
86425: Integrated terminal width too narrow
90714: Apply debug console font size setting to input field
90734: Windows Terminal as external terminal does not launch in the workspace directory
93973: [SSH] Auto Reveal in Side Bar not working
94574: Centered Layout: use full width when displaying diff editor
94982: Bash debugging does not start with version 1.44.0
95108: serverReadyAction debugWithChrome suddenly stopped working
95319: getWordRangeAtPosition can freeze the extension host
Thank you
Last but certainly not least, a big Thank You! to the following folks that helped to make VS Code even better:

Contributions to our issue tracking:

John Murray (@gjsjohnmurray)
Andrii Dieiev (@IllusionMH)
Simon Chan (@yume-chan)
ArturoDent (@ArturoDent)
Alexander (@usernamehw)
Marco Zehe (@MarcoZehe)
joanmarie (@joanmarie)
José Vilmar Estácio de Souza (@jvesouza)
Michał Zegan (@webczat)
Contributions to vscode:

Andrew Casey (@amcasey)
Clean up CallstackOrException telemetry in typescript-language-features PR #96108
Make char position optional in TS stack PR #96321
Update npm script compile-extension:typescript-language-features PR #96320
Anthony Van de Gejuchte (@avdg): Do not let git use a pager PR #95549
Richard Willis (@badsyntax): Update vscode.d.ts - Fix code comment block for Pseudoterminal.onDidClose PR #96206
@bkis: Fix typo in git extension's config description PR #94993
@bolinfest: Ensure @rematch and nextEmbedded can be used together in Monarch grammar PR #95742
Borja Zarco (@bzarco): Use argument in addition to folderUri when conditionally resolving some variables. PR #95483
Christos Pappas (@ChrisPapp)
Focus terminal after dragging a file to terminal PR #96278
Add default keybindings for stage/revert/unstage selected ranges PR #93706
Prevent unexpected rename cancellation PR #95739
Connor Skees (@connorskees)
handle windows paths beginning with \?\ PR #95147
Strip \?\ from absolute Windows paths PR #95365
Edgar Cumbreras (@cumbreras): Feat: #94285 Options on saving before running tasks PR #94466
Duncan Walter (@DuncanWalter): TS: Add setting to prompt users about workspace tsdk PR #95566
Dusty Pomerleau (@dustypomerleau): change all instances of wordHighligher to wordHighlighter PR #95830
Evan Krause (@evangrayk): Throttle status bar spinner animations to save CPU PR #96096
Jonathan Fleckenstein (@fleck): remove duplicate git.pullFrom command PR #95780
Phil Marshall (@flurmbo): Add git.showCommitInput config option (#79074) PR #81982
Gaurav Makhecha (@gauravmak): Spell fix PR #94687
@Git-Lior: bugfix - typescript code completion doesn't recognize property modifiers when more than one exists PR #94165
John Murray (@gjsjohnmurray): fix #95510 'Reveal in Side Bar' confused by case-sensitive FileSystem… PR #95555
Gustavo Cassel (@GustavoASC): Developed setting to loop search from the beginning or end of document in Find Widget PR #92243
Ilia Pozdnyakov (@iliazeus)
add more json file extensions #95584 PR #95751
fix uri fragment slugification #94508 PR #94655
Andrii Dieiev (@IllusionMH)
Fix menu icons mismatch PR #95872
Register loading icon for async tree PR #95885
Jean Pierre (@jeanp413)
Fixes clicking on problems filter inputbox makes problems panel callapse PR #96203
Fix command scm.mainPane.focus does not focus Source Control Providers view PR #96515
Fixes apply debug console font size setting to input field PR #91261
Fixes missing git folder actions under Untracked Changes group in scm viewlet PR #91872
Update markersViewModel on MarkersView construction PR #95653
Improve debug viewlet dropdown outline PR #95935
Fixes rename preview "Group Changes By File" view doesn't show the reference type icon info PR #94968
Fixes "Run and "Debug" is always greyed out when the editor first opens PR #94853
jedwards (@jheiv): Focus terminal after 'Terminal:Clear' command palette action PR #92100
Jon Bockhorst (@jmbockhorst)
Adopt terminal link provider API PR #90336
Fix terminal link hovers for local links PR #91615
Fix terminal Follow Link handlers PR #91477
John Blackbourn (@johnbillion): Treat .gitignore_global as an Ignore file by default. PR #96080
Kodai Nakamura (@kdnk): Add action to focus query editor widget PR #94799
Lenny Anders (@lennyanders): Add transition to backdrop-filter when dragging elements PR #95217
Lukas Spieß (@lumaxis): Update keytar to latest public version PR #95351
Yaşar Yıldız (@MonoLizard): Fix #90734 Add starting directory parameter for the new Windows Terminal PR #90773
Marvin Heilemann (@muuvmuuv): Feature: add window title separator prop PR #94371
@NickDebug: added missing word PR #95043
Richard Townsend (@richard-townsend-arm): Add gulp targets, fix build for Windows on Arm. PR #85326
Robert Rossmann (@robertrossmann)
Add editorOverviewRuler.background colour customisation point PR #93732
Debug: major theming improvements 🎨 🎉 PR #94838
Allow theming the diff view's diagonal fill with diffEditor.diagonalFill PR #94780
Dmitry Sharshakov (@sh7dm): Display future events in timeline correctly PR #94459
Tobias (@Shegox): Update link for automated issue management actions repository PR #96568
Josh Smith (@smithjosh115): Issue #93589: Rename 'renameShorthandProperties' setting to 'useAliasesForRenames' PR #94480
Thomas Weingartner (@Thoemmeli): Fix to 'Markdown Preview of relative links drops 'host' from path' PR #95092
Tyler James Leonhardt (@TylerLeonhardt): Add PowerShell herestring autoclosing pairs PR #95245
Alexander (@usernamehw): Reveal file in OS should work for special files like settings.json wi… PR #95193
Christopher Makarem (@x24git): Prevent CodeLens CSS selector name from being invalid PR #95005
@xisui-MSFT: Add configurations field to launch.json, workspace.json or .code-workspace when it does not exist PR #95488
Contributions to vscode-json-languageservice:

Alex Kreidler (@alexkreidler): Add basic coverage information PR #54
Anantha Kumaran (@ananthakumaran): add support for textDocument/definition PR #50
Contributions to vscode-html-languageservice:

Liam Newman (@bitwiseman): Update js-beautify to 1.11.0 PR #82
Contributions to language-server-protocol:

Sam McCall (@sam-mccall): make didSave server capability name consistent PR #958
Sora Morimoto (@imbsky): Fix link to lsif-util PR #971
Contributions to debug-adapter-protocol:

Nick Battle (@nickbattle): Added VDMJ-LSP to the list of adapters PR #109
Contributions to vscode-generator-code:

Neeraj Kashyap (@nkashy1): Updated the commented myExtension import PR #199
Contributions to vscode-textmate:

Yan Pashkovsky (@Yanpas): Add grammar performance warning PR #128
Contributions to vscode-vsce:

Ilia Pozdnyakov (@iliazeus): print output of failed prepublish scripts PR #442
Contributions to localization:

There are over 800 Cloud + AI Localization community members using the Microsoft Localization Community Platform (MLCP), with over about 170 active contributors to Visual Studio Code. We appreciate your contributions, either by providing new translations, voting on translations, or suggesting process improvements.

Here is a snapshot of contributors. For details about the project including the contributor name list, visit the project site at

Chinese (Simplified, China) Tingting Yi, Yizhi Gu, Charles Dong, Justin Liu, Joel Yang, Tony Xia, 朱知阳, meng shao, 普鲁文, paul cheung, 张锐, Yiting Zhu, Nong Zhichao, Liam Kennedy, 武 健, Zhao Liguo, 宁 倬, Bochen Wang, 一斤瓜子, 顺 谭, 云 何, Yun Liu, yungkei fan, 杨 越鹏.
Chinese (Traditional, Taiwan) 船長, Winnie Lin, 予 恆, TingWen Su.
Czech David Knieradl.
Danish (Denmark) Javad Shafique, Lasse Stilvang.
English (United Kingdom) Martin Littlecott, Oren Recht, Faris Ansari.
Finnish (Finland) Teemu Sirkiä.
French (France) Antoine Griffard, Thierry DEMAN-BARCELÒ, Rodolphe NOEL, Nathan Bonnemains.
Hebrew (Israel) Chayim Refael Friedman, Asaf Amitai.
Hungarian Bucsai László.
Indonesian (Indonesia) Gerry Surya, Laurensius Dede Suhardiman.
Italian (Italy) Alessandro Alpi, Riccardo Cappello.
Japanese (Japan) Ikko Ashimine, Aya Tokura, Takayuki Fuwa, ちゃん きさらぎ, 住吉 貴志, Koichi Makino, Yoshihisa Ozaki, TENMYO Masakazu.
Korean (Korea) Kyunghee Ko, June Heo.
Norwegian (Norway) Torbjørn Viem Ness.
Polish (Poland) Makabeus Orban, Kacper Łakomski, Karol Szapsza.
Portuguese (Brazil) Alessandro Trovato, Marcelo Fernandes, Arthur Lima, Luciana de Melo, Luiz Gustavo Nunes.
Portuguese(Portugal) Pedro Filipe, António Pereira.
Russian (Russia) Andrey Veselov, Vadim Svitkin, Минаков Антон.
Spanish (Spain, International Sort) Sifredo Da Silva, Ariel Costas Guerrero, David Roa, Abdón Rodríguez P., Luis Manuel, Carlos A. Echeverri V, A. Jesus Flores A., Ricardo Estrada Rdez, Alfonso Jesus Flores.
Swedish (Sweden) Per Ragnar Edin.
Tamil (India) krishnakoumar c.
Turkish (Turkey) Umut Can Alparslan, Mehmet Yönügül.
Ukrainian (Ukraine) Nikita Potapenko, igor oleynik.
Vietnamese (Vietnam) Hieu Nguyen Trung, LN Quang.

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