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What's most popular Framework in 2020?

I had to write an Executive Briefing last month. Much to my own surprise, JQuery is still a major player.

1) JQuery
2) React
3) Angular

JQuery dwarfs the rest according to StackOverflow Survey. A full 85% of all respondents said they use JQuery.

It didn't say that JQuery was the sole library, I suspect not. However with the advent of Web Components we are seeing a trend in getting 'closer to the metal'. Just like it was done 20 years ago in nothing but HTML and Javascript.

I always enjoyed JQuery but picked up an attitude (after reading lots of posts) that JQuery is not needed, it's on its way out etc. I think it's time for an attitude adjustment.

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Senthil Muthuvel

I used jQuery in early days to make smooth animations, DOM manipulation, AJAX requests...

But we have smart replacements now.

Using fetch instead of $.ajax
Using CSS 3 functions directly.
React uses virtual DOM, which wants to reduce the direct DOM manipulation.

So I don't see a good pros with using jQuery

Anyways it is just my opinion.

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John Peters

Yes, the Chrome Browser itself is a power-house; which keeps getting better and better. Besides who can't write a Query Selector? I haven't used JQuery in more than 5 years, thus my surprise in the results.