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Web Components

Web Components are from a set of web platform APIs which allows the user to create new HTML tags that are customized and encapsulated for web pages and web applications. The web components are a suite of different technologies that ultimately allows the developers to create reusable custom elements. There are several advantages of using web components and for example, the functionality itself is encapsulated away from the rest of the code and it can also be utilized in the web apps creating efficiency. This is an example of why many business organizations like YouTube and GitHub use it for their business and web development.

Firstly, being able to create reusable HTML elements can make the coding process extremely faster, easier, as well as increase the overall efficiency. The advantages web components can bring to the users during the process of development is very crucial, because, reusing the codes and quickly retrieving the useful stylized HTML to put into another place is much easier to understand and utilize. The ability to put any type of code across wherever on the web component makes the process consistent and rapid. Also, using web components can prevent the developers from getting error messages while constructing the codes, which eventually decreases the cost in the business.

Overall, web components are a standardized technology system that allows the creation of customized and reusable codes for development by sharing components across the companyโ€™s development platform. That is why I believe that current business organizations should utilize web components more for efficiency in their business web development.

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