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Discussion on: Stumped about Rails Connection Limit Error

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Kieran Pilkington

It is a max of 5 threads, but not a guaranteed max of 1 request per thread, especially when using different ruby interpreters without a GIL. At least that is what I've seen in my own use of Puma, and I'm sure someone more familiar with Puma could provide a more detailed explanation. The short answer anyway is: keep your DB pool size higher than the puma thread count to avoid potential issues

Also one more thing to keep in mind when using Puma, because it uses threads, you have to be very careful to make your code threadsafe. Code something the wrong way, and you could end up leaking data from one thread to another; i.e. someone could end up seeing someone elses data.

If you're an application that requires absolute assurance of no data leakage (e.g. bank, insurance, health, etc etc), avoid having to worry about threadsafety by switching from Puma threads (1 process, 5 threads each) to Puma workers (5 processes, 1 thread each).