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Discussion on: Algorithms Every Programmer Should Know

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kaelscion • Edited

This is a great post. I actually like that you didn't go into "here's how you do each algo in...". I know that sounds weird, but I find examples of how to perform each algo can get overwhelming and confusing, especially when the example language isn't one I speak. Like "Now I'll show you how to do this in Rust" and I'm like "C#, Python or maybe JS I would have understood. Unfortunately, these examples are relatively lost on me." Also, explaining the algo in "high-level" terms rather than demonstrating them gets me to think about how my I'd implement them in my day-to-day language, which is what this is all about: figuring things our for yourself. That, for me, is the only way it really sticks. Great job! And the "advantages/disadvantages" is a nice touch. Algorithmic thinking is such an essential skill, but also a very difficult one to truly master.